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Approximate length:

1 Hour

Which job roles is this course for:

This course is for all job roles within a vehicle workshop who may have interaction with any contractors coming on to site.

About this course:

Anyone engaging contractors has health and safety responsibilities, both for the contractors and anyone else that could be affected by their activities.

Everyone should understand the part they need to play in ensuring health and safety.

Use of contractors in itself does not result in poor health and safety standards, but poor management can lead to injuries, ill health, additional costs and delays.

Contractors may be at particular risk – they may be strangers to your workplace and therefore unfamiliar with your organisation’s procedures, rules, hazards and risks.

This e-learning module will cover:

  • The hazards and risks associated to the different types of contractors on our sites
  • Staff Responsibilities for engaging with Contractors
  • Permits To Work
  • Responsible Persons Responsibilities

Learning Outcomes

  • You will gain an understanding of what the hazards and risks associated to contractors working at your site.
  • You will understand what control measures are required to help improve the safety of anyone affected by the contractors work, including the contractor themselves.
  • You will learn the roles and responsibilities of staff that engage with contractors.
  • You will gain an understanding of Permits To Work.

Course Completion

At then end of this course you will be required to complete a multiple choice assessment based on the information provided and what you have learned.

Delegates will need to pass the assessment within this course to ensure successful completion. The pass mark is 80%

You will have a maximum of 3 attempts to reach the required pass mark. You can revisit the course content if you need to before attempting the assessment again.

Once the assessment has been passed, you will be issued with a certificate.

The certificate will be issued by Inspire International UK Ltd, the UK’s leading health and safety management company focusing on vehicle workshop safety. The certificate will clearly show your name; your company name; name of course taken; pass percentage; expiry date and any applicable course accreditation marks.