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20 Minutes

Cab Tilting – Scania

Which job roles is this course for:

This course is for all technicians and all staff that may be involved in conducting Cab Tilting,

About this course:

Working beneath a raised Cab is often required to check for faults, servicing and repairs etc.

Because these tasks are so common people get used to working under potentially lethal weights. Unfortunately, serious and fatal accidents happen every year even though the dangers and precautions are well known.

You must always understand the procedure you need to follow, use the right equipment for the job and never be tempted to take short cuts or use inappropriate equipment.

This training gives employees an insight into the Cab Tilting process. It will give employees an understanding of control measures and procedures to follow to protect themselves and others when carrying out the Cab Tilt process.

This e-learning module will cover:

  • Cab Tilting Requirements – This gives an insight in to the requirements and measures to have in place to conduct the Cab Tilting process safely.
  • Cab Tilting Safe System of Work – This looks at a step by step process in conducting the Cab Tilting safely.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will gain an understanding of the importance of safety measures that must be in place before carrying out Cab Tilting
  • You will understand what precautions and control measures you should put in place to protect you and others when conducting Cab Tilting

Course Completion

At then end of this course you will be required to complete a multiple choice assessment based on the information provided and what you have learned.

You will need to pass the assessment within this course to ensure successful completion. The pass mark is 80% You will have a maximum of 3 attempts to reach the required pass mark.

You can revisit the course content if you need to before attempting the assessment again.

Once the assessment has been passed, you will be issued with a certificate. The certificate will be issued by Inspire International UK Ltd, the UK’s leading health and safety management company focusing on vehicle workshop safety.

The certificate will clearly show your name; your company name; name of course taken; pass percentage; expiry date and any applicable course accreditation marks.